The Wireless Legislative Microphone Control System
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Since 1988, Current Works has been developing and manufacturing computer peripheral devices for a variety of applications. Users around the world, from regular K-12 educational classrooms, to Special Education programs, to corporate training programs, to public legislative bodies, and even senior citizens in nursing homes use our alternative computer input devices to interact with computers without ever touching the mouse or keyboard. Our early products were focused on alternative computer input devices for disabled students in Special Education Programs.

In the mid-nineties Current Works began developing a new line of wireless computer products designed to engage a whole classroom of students in learning activities on a single computer. The core hardware product in this line is SideKeys, a patented system of multiple wireless radio-frequency keypads that provide data input simultaneously from several users to a single computer.

Initially, this technology was primarily used to allow several teams or individuals to instantly buzz-in to answer questions in game show style software programs. Such immediate input provides exciting engagement and effective feedback to both the students and the instructor regarding understanding and retention of important learning points. Classroom instructors or corporate trainers also use these SideKeys keypads as a familiar remote-control to run not only these learning game activities but also applications like PowerPoint or a DVD Player.

In a similar fashion, RollCall-Pro, our wireless roll call voting system for legislative councils and boards, uses these SideKeys keypads to allow all the members of a decision-making group to vote simultaneously on issues at hand.  Not only does this process save time, but it also provides citizens with a visual computer screen display of voting positions taken on issues important to them.  This same SideKeys technology has also been used as the foundation of RollCall-Audio, a wireless microphone system for city councils, county boards, and other legislative bodies.  This system gives a chairperson the ability to control all microphones in the room remotely, merely by pressing graphical icons on a touch-screen console.

More systems are being developed every day to take advantage of our proprietary SideKeys wireless technology. Be sure to check back with us to keep up with new products being offered.